The Body Type Diet

Want to learn how to match your diet to your body type and metabolism? 

Get undressed and look in the mirror. 

Now before you start hitting the big red “REPORT THIS BLOG’ button, I’m not asking you to do this for my own personal gratification. It’s all in the interests of science … trust me.

What body shape do you have?

Are you an hour glass, petite frame, pear-shaped, athletic build or someone who carries a little extra padding all over? 

The body type diet is a not-so-new method of controlling  your weight based on your metabolism and body shape.  This unconventional way of eating gives you indications of exactly how your metabolism works best and what foods you should and shouldn’t eat. If you think is sounds like quack science think again. Lots of people are trying it out and loving it.


The body has four major glands: the thyroid, the adrenal, the pituitary and gonads/ovary. Your Body Type is determined by which of your major glands is strongest in your metabolism. The gland that most dominates your system is your body ‘type’.



I tried a number of online quizzes to try to work out my body type and I found them confusing and inconclusive. This was very frustrating. To make it easier for you I have written short descriptions for each of the four main body types so that you can see which one best fits you. You may find that you are a combination body type and this is nothing to worry about – I am too!


 A Thyroid type person will typically have a smaller bone structure and a slender build. If you do put on weight it will be around the abdomen and thighs. This body type is linked to a fast metabolism and high tolerance of carbs.  If this is you, you may feel tired often and aim to eat more carbs to try to compensate for your lack of energy.  Personality wise, you are the kind of person that ‘gets things done’ but this can be at the expense of your own needs and at times this can develop into extreme mood swings.

If you fall into this category try eating a carbohydrate rich diet with a lower percentage of protein. It is important for you to improve the function of your adrenal gland, improve your energy levels and combat stress. Eggs are especially important for you – try to eat them regularly. Fruit contains high sugars and is too over-stimulating for the thyroid body type, if your are craving something to snack on try nuts, especially almonds and seeds such as pumpkin and chia. Thyroid food types should avoid artificial sweeteners and drink herbal teas – especially chamomile and peppermint.


An Adrenal type person will have a more athletic body type (think square shoulder, strong jaw and/or muscular physique) and typically burns up a lot of protein and collagen. This can have an impact on their hair, skin and nails and so this body type will need to replenish their protein stores with a high-protein diet. If this is you, you may find that you also crave foods which have a great deal of salt and fat in them.  As an adrenal body type you need the fats necessary to develop adrenal hormones. You may also have blood sugar issues which cause your blood sugar to drop readily and ‘crash.’ Eating a high-fat/high-protein diet will stabilize your body and keep your cravings at bay. You will most likely carry any excess fat on your upper torso and stomach.

A word of caution: if you are an adrenal body type you probably also suffer from bloating. Try to keep away from leafy green vegetables such as kale and broccoli. You might also find this article useful : How To Beat Belly Bloat.


This body type is the rarest and is categorized by all over body fat rather than fat that settles in one or two particular areas. People with a strong pituitary gland may refer to themselves as having baby or puppy fat. If you are a Pitutiary type you most likely get your cravings satisfied by dairy foods and so it is important to closely guard your dairy intake. You may particularly be an ice cream eater because the combination of dairy and sugar is irresistible to you. In addition to this you probably also love carbohydrates particularly bread products. If your pituitary gland is dominant you may have aching knees, allergies, skin conditions and suffer from diarrhea and constipation in turns.

In addition to dairy, limit caffeine, salt, sugar and flour. Protein is your best friend and you should aim to eat a large portion of protein for breakfast with your meals becoming lighter throughout the day.


A gonadal or ovary body type will typically have an hourglass  or pear body shape. You probably have a playful personality and are a high estrogen producer. Your glands are stimulated (and over-stimulated) by rich and spicy foods (think cream, dips and sauces). In order to function well you need to limit these food types and ensure you are taking on board high levels of phosphorous, essential fatty acids and zinc. Fish and animal protein is particularly beneficial to your diet although take care to limit red meat. Plant based protein will also be good for you as  your body type is the best suited to a vegetarian diet.

Try to avoid soy based products as these are estrogen feeders and will make it more difficult for you to achieve balance. Fresh fruit and vegetables are vital to your gland health.


The idea behind the Body Type Diet is a simple one: when you over-stimulate your most dominant gland, you gain weight as it takes more and more of the stimulant to satisfy the gland.  Over time, the weight gain can become chronic as you tire or exhaust your dominant gland.  For instance, Thyroid types crave sweets and starches, which stimulate the thyroid.  This results in an overworked thyroid gland which becomes sluggish leading to a lack of energy and weight gain. It is not unusual for Thyroid types to have to take thyroid hormone because they have exhausted their dominant gland.   The same process is true for people with other gland types. 

When you know your Body Type, you know which foods result in overstimulation and consequently make you overweight. This allows you to avoid these foods and also eat plenty of foods which stimulate your other, less active glands, it takes the stress off the dominant gland and allows it to recover.  When you stop overstimulating your dominant gland, your food cravings come under control naturally. You will find that over time, the cravings you once had disappear.


The basic principle of the body type diet is to eat less of the foods that satisfy your dominant gland and more of the foods which support and nourish the less active glands.  This results in a balanced body, increased energy, and natural control of food cravings.

I’d love to know what body type you are so please leave a comment at the end of this blog post and let me know!

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