Health Round-Up: June

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA recently. Don’t worry … I have a good reason. I’ve been studying for exams and home schooling my 9 year old son and let me tell you, this combination is not for the faint hearted!

This month I’ve decided to try something new on the blog and so this post is a health round-up for June.  I’ve been doing several things to keep healthy and sane this past month and believe me, it hasn’t been easy. Scheduling lessons, organizing home-school activities and keeping my head in the books has run me ragged and I’ve felt more than ever how important it is to focus on my health and make sure I look after my body and mind. Because of this, I thought that there may be some of you out there in need of a little inspiration too.

So here you are. Here are my top health tips for June. I hope you will find something you like.


#1 Collagen Peptides

To cut a very long story short, I came across this product because I was having a conversation with a chiropractor who was explaining how joint, bone and skin health is best treated from within the body. He mentioned fish oils and beef collagen (you may have seen a lot about bone broth recently). If you’ve read any post on my blog you will know what a skeptic I am and how I always have to check everything out for myself … even if it’s come out of the mouth of a respected medical professional.  While I was researching I came across collagen peptide powder  and so I ordered some online and persuaded my husband to try them out with me. We had one scoop dissolved in regular drinking water or fruit juice every day (I even put it in my morning coffee a few times) and now we are hooked.

 It’s super easy to take which is essential for me – anything complicated and I know I will eventually end up giving up on it. This is literally a scoop of powder you can dissolve in just about any liquid. One thing I would say about this product however is to be sure to fill your glass up with your drink first and THEN add the powder. If you do it the other way around it has a tendency to glob together (technical term) and becomes harder to dissolve.


The protein and amino acids help your joint health  and the reviews online talk about it’s benefits for anything from arthritis to people with sports injuries –  but this is not the main reason I took it. My nails have been breaking like crazy since January, so much so that I had to stop putting polish on my nails.  I read that this product would help to improve the strength of hair and nails and promote healthier skin. I was pretty skeptical but it worked and after 5 months of trying nail hardening treatments and oils that weren’t working, it was the collagen that got my nails back to the stage where I could wear polish again. If you need more proof, check out this article on LIVESTRONG all about the benefits of collagen powder.

I’m inserting a link here so that you can check out the product for yourself. This is the EXACT product I have been using. It costs $27.95 from Amazon and will last for around a month to six weeks. This is my Amazon affiliate link which means that you will not pay any more for the product if you purchase it using my link but I will receive a very small commission, thank you.



I’ve mentioned this before but I would be lost without my B vitamins. They are such a great energy booster and I really feel that they are particularly good for women’s wellness. If you haven’t tried a Vitamin B Supplement I highly recommend that you give it a trial for a month. I’m not very good at taking pills so I take it in a liquid form with a dropper. Just like the collagen powder, it’s super easy to take which is a must for me and I keep it on my nightstand so that I don’t forget to take it before I go to sleep. I bought my product from Walmart for just a few dollars but you can find similar products in just about any drugstore/grocery store.


I don’t often post about skin care products but this is one that I love, love love. I use this eye cream every morning and night and I am such a fan of the L’Occitaine brand. Now that I’m in my early 40s I have some really annoying fine lines under my eyes and if I’m honest I probably wasn’t always so good at maintaining a healthy skin care regimen throughout my 20s. I’ve used this product on and off for the last ten years and although I’m open to trying something new I somehow keep finding myself back using L’Occitaine. In terms of cost, if you’re on a really tight budget this product may not be for you but it is much more affordable than the more high-end eye creams and in my opinion is worth the $30-40.



I love Trader Joe’s so much (and not just for the super cheap wine – eek!) My latest go-to healthy snack is the organic roasted teriyaki seaweed. I have to limit how much I have because I can literally eat it all day long and it’s pretty salty but on the plus side, it’s rich in vitamins, minerals and soluble fiber which makes it a great healthy option if you are looking for a small low-calorie bite.


I try to drink a lot of water but there are still days when I feel that my skin is looking a little dry and I’m lacking in energy. When I’m having one of those days I’ve started taking a re-hydration drink. This is the one I’ve been using for the past month but I am unable to compare it to other brands as it is the first one I’ve tried. It works for me and I like the raspberry flavoring which is not too sweet.

I’m adding the product link below in case you would like to try it out too. It costs $13.31 from Amazon and contains 30 sachets. I don’t take it every day so one box will probably last me for about 2-3 months. This is my Amazon affiliate link which means that you will not pay any more for the product if you purchase it using my link but I will receive a very small commission, thank you.

If you have tried any of these products or have some feedback please leave a comment below. You can subscribe to my blog by signing up in the sidebar, thank you!


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  1. Brooke says:

    Needed this post! My life has been a mess (health-wise)lately and it’s time to kick back into gear! Thanks for the tips!

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