Cool Sculpting For Weight Loss: Freeze Your Fat Away


There are so many surgical and cosmetic options out there for those looking to shed a few extra pounds. If, like me, you are somewhat squeamish about going under the surgeon’s knife, never fear.  For anyone who needs a little additional help slimming down, there is a new kid on the block : COOL SCULPTING.

With the recent FDA approval for this method, not to mention the many dermatologists who have signed off on it proclaiming it to be safe, it is now available to anyone.

This week at Stick Insectz I set out to find out if cool sculpting really is cool … or not.

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The Body Type Diet

Want to learn how to match your diet to your body type and metabolism? 

Get undressed and look in the mirror. 

Now before you start hitting the big red “REPORT THIS BLOG’ button, I’m not asking you to do this for my own personal gratification. It’s all in the interests of science … trust me.

What body shape do you have?

Are you an hour glass, petite frame, pear-shaped, athletic build or someone who carries a little extra padding all over? 

The body type diet is a not-so-new method of controlling  your weight based on your metabolism and body shape.  This unconventional way of eating gives you indications of exactly how your metabolism works best and what foods you should and shouldn’t eat. If you think is sounds like quack science think again. Lots of people are trying it out and loving it.


The body has four major glands: the thyroid, the adrenal, the pituitary and gonads/ovary. Your Body Type is determined by which of your major glands is strongest in your metabolism. The gland that most dominates your system is your body ‘type’.



I tried a number of online quizzes to try to work out my body type and I found them confusing and inconclusive. This was very frustrating. To make it easier for you I have written short descriptions for each of the four main body types so that you can see which one best fits you. You may find that you are a combination body type and this is nothing to worry about – I am too!

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Health Round-Up: June

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little MIA recently. Don’t worry … I have a good reason. I’ve been studying for exams and home schooling my 9 year old son and let me tell you, this combination is not for the faint hearted!

This month I’ve decided to try something new on the blog and so this post is a health round-up for June.  I’ve been doing several things to keep healthy and sane this past month and believe me, it hasn’t been easy. Scheduling lessons, organizing home-school activities and keeping my head in the books has run me ragged and I’ve felt more than ever how important it is to focus on my health and make sure I look after my body and mind. Because of this, I thought that there may be some of you out there in need of a little inspiration too.

So here you are. Here are my top health tips for June. I hope you will find something you like.

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Finally! A Cardio Workout You Can Do At Home

The gym and I are not friends.

I’ve tried to make the relationship work believe me. I’ve bought expensive memberships, I’ve squeezed myself into hideous lycra outfits that fit in all the wrong places. I’ve tried to learn how the machines work. I even booked myself into a class once. It was Zumba and  I’m glad no-one had the presence of mind to film my performance and put it on Youtube because I can say with 100% conviction that if they had, I’d be viral by now.

It’s not good.

You know what though? I’m at the stage when I don’t care. I’m prepared to let the gym be my ‘one that got away’. It’s not me it’s you, gym. You’re boring, you’re full of show-offs and you cost SO much money.


If you’re with me on this one I have a solution to our gym problem. I’ve come up with a cardio workout you can do at home in the comfort of your very own living room/bedroom/wherever!

The beauty of a flexible do-it-anywhere-workout is that it gives you freedom. A home exercise program can be performed at any time of day. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to get out to the gym early in the morning – it’s not a problem. Maybe you have small children and you only have a narrow window of nap time in which to exercise – this is perfect. What if you’re a night owl and you feel like exercising at 10 pm? No worries – your home never closes! It’s also free and you can wear whatever you like. No need to dress to impress when your only spectator is your dog!

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6 Reasons Why Your Stomach Is Bloated


What is the one question every woman with belly bloat dreads hearing?

If you suffer from stomach bloating, you will instantly know the answer to this question.

Let me tell you a story.

I used to regularly watch my son at his tennis lesson. One particular time, I’d met a friend for lunch and we were late to the lesson so we had to stand by the side as all of the benches were taken. I was chatting away to my friend when all of a sudden I felt a tug at my elbow. It was a woman about the same age as me and she was pointing at her seat. “Would you like to sit down’ she said. I was kinda confused. I declined her kind offer and explained that I was with my friend and we were happy to stand. ‘Oh, ok, I just thought I’d ask since you are pregnant’ she replied.



I looked at my friend and then back at the woman. ‘I’m not pregnant’ I replied.

And there you have it. How to ruin someone’s day with one sentence. On behalf of my fellow women belly-bloat sufferers I would like to state something for the record. If you are a serial pregnancy-asker, please stop. Don’t ask unless you are 100% sure. Don’t offer us your seat, don’t whisper ‘when is it due’ or ‘congratulations’ with a wink and please, please do not pat our tummies with a knowing nod. There’s nothing in there but our lunch!

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Bye Bye Bat Wings: Seven Great Arm Toning Exercises


I need to clear something up.

It’s about something that really annoys me.

I was minding my own business in a very well known coffee shop enjoying a seasonal pumpkin beverage, when two ladies came in who had obviously just finished some sort of exercise class. I couldn’t help but overhear their conversation and they started to discuss using weights. ‘I know Crossfit is so popular, but I just don’t want to get into that whole weight-lifting thing’ one lady said as her companion nodded vigorously, ‘I mean, who wants to look all veiny like Arnold Schwarzenegger?’

And that right there is my problem.

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The Ultimate Core Workout


So you’ve heard it all before. Core strength is the new ‘in thing’. Unless you can hold your stomach muscles tight for 48 hours while balancing a pineapple on your head, you just don’t have ‘core stability’. But what is this elusive ‘core stability’ and how do you get it?

Let me tell you a little secret. I’ve spent years looking for the right exercise class. I’ve done some pretty wild and weird stuff in my time. I think Zumba was probably the most terrifying for those around me (sorry classmates) closely followed by aerobic streetdance (eek!) but there is one form of exercise that I have returned to time and time again. A tried and tested friend, if you would.

I’m always looking for something to tighten my core muscles. I honestly think that my abs can smell weakness and it’s like I’m just one Chinese take-away from a pouch a momma kangaroo would be proud of. I get slightly irritated though, by the hype for core workouts.

It seems to me that all of the core workouts come out of the closet big time around May. ‘Get a beach body’, “get bikini-ready’, ‘tone-up for Summer’; I’m sure you’ve read similar headlines countless times. But what if you want a toned body all year round? Looking good and wearing the clothes you want to wear isn’t seasonal. This brings me back to my favorite form of exercise. You can do it at home, you don’t need special equipment and if done correctly, it has an incredible success rate.

Intrigued? Want to know my secret weapon? I thought so, here it is:

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How To Make The Perfect Healthy Smoothie


At first glance, the smoothie seems like the perfect alternative to a high calorie snack doesn’t it? It’s packed with fruit or veggies, it’s a drink rather than solid food and it’s sometimes green. Even the word smoothie sounds good when you say it. It just rolls off the tongue in a velvety way. Try it. Smooooooothie. See. I told you!

Well before you get all over-excited , I have a word of caution my little healthster. Smoothies are only healthy if the ingredients they are made with are healthy.  It might sound obvious, but believe it or not, people often miss that point.

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Primal or Paleo? How To Choose Your Nutrition


This guest post is brought to you by the wonderful Anya Perry of The Primal Force.

Anya Perry is a Certified nutrition and Health coach, CrossFitter since 2015, and a long distance runner. Her passion for healthy living led her to open The Primal Force, a community for people willing to improve their health, achieve better fitness, and live happier. She loves seeing others progress, and accomplish their goals. It’s her mission to help others to do so. You can learn more about what she does and ask questions here:


Paleo, Primal, Atkins, Keto… Are you confused about these yet? Do your health-conscious friends keep bringing up words “low carb”, ”ketosis”, and “ancestral health”? Have you seen articles recently saying that ancestral diets are a fad?  Are you interested in trying this new way of eating and living, but not sure what to choose, Primal or Paleo, and how to start? Let’s look at the basics of both nutrition outlooks first.

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Three Fabulous Breast Lifting Exercises

*This post contains affiliate links

Saggy boobs. It happens to the best of us and there’s no denying that it’s a problem.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that age and gravity defy us all eventually. What once was tight and perky has a tendency to become loose and, dare we say it, droopy. Breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight, age and hormonal changes all contribute to changes in our breast tissue. It can be both embarrassing and annoying when these changes occur and your shape may prevent you from doing activities you enjoy or from wearing certain clothes.

To make matters worse, breast shape is not something that we really talk about is it? You might ask your friend how their sick cat is doing, or how little Robbie is getting on in Kindergarten but generally speaking you won’t find yourself casually asking, ‘So, are your boobs drooping worse than a dehydrated petunia?’ 

Well Auntie Stick Insectz is here to help you, I’ve been doing some digging and I’ve got just what you need.

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